What is Sound Therapy?

Sound as Healing
It has been intuitively understood that sound can influence our mood & behavior since at least when the first drum was made. Indigenous civilizations would gather around the fire playing the drum and dancing while connecting to the Earth and the Sky. Shamans also use drums in their medicinal practices.
Music can be played in order to harmonize and uplift our emotions and it can also allow us to feel depth within our thoughts. What is less commonly practiced is using music to make us feel happy, energized and relaxed. We hardly ever listen to music with the intention to heal.

Sound therapy research agrees that there are different sound waves (frequencies) that are responsible for music’s ability to influence our thoughts and emotions. Many researchers will even go as far as saying that these frequencies can go beyond just altering our moods; with the right combination and harmonization of these sound waves it can bring about biological changes that will boost the immune system and heal the body.