BIO:   “The awareness of the ability to promote healing or continue to suffer was brought to Darryl’s attention back in 2011 right after a couple of years of self-prescribed medicating–using medications that merely masked the symptoms he was experiencing, left alone to create larger problems for himself. In belief that he was living a healthy lifestyle for himself by working out often and eating what he believed were considered ‘healthy’ foods, a letter with results of a blood test concluded otherwise. As if an inflamed liver was not enough to create an alarm, his journey through healing a traumatic physical injury has barely begun. 

Upon realizing he had only scratched the surface of the topics of interest back in high school, he began to continue his education on his own. Learning about the Universal energy that is available through the power of love and intention, he was inclined to begin practicing the arts of energetic healing that had been passed down through generations by Master Mikao Usui-San and taught by Reiki Master, Alexandra Juliani at the American Reiki Academy.  Once attuned for Reiki levels I & II, Darryl became aware that western civilization is not as familiar with this Eastern healing modality. 

With determination to create awareness for the necessity of healing, Darryl completed massage therapy courses at Everest College; where he became more familiar with the anatomy of the human body and various massage modalities to provide therapeutic manipulation of muscles and joints. It was through this school year that Darryl was able to begin making gradual improvements towards healing his clavicle which had been previously implanted with a metal plate in order to secure a fracture that occurred in 2008. 

Having the healing process building momentum, Darryl’s thriving curiosity for new methods of healing directed him towards the healing power of sound! After utilizing binaural tones and healing music, it was time that Darryl began creating his own sounds. Acquiring 7 frosted crystal quartz sound bowls, he began hosting sound healing meditations at music gatherings and yoga studios. 

Blasting past his negative thought patterns by using sound to transcend these destructive cycles, Darryl’s massage instructor encouraged him to take a year long course in nutrition which he could integrate in many aspects of life. It is the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where Darryl received his certification and training in becoming an integrative health coach. It wasn’t soon after graduation in 2016, that Golden Path Holistic began building its foundations as your one-stop holistic resource center. 

With great plans that are set in motion, Darryl is glad to serve anyone that is seeking assistance in healing physical and emotional traumas by being able to apply his knowledge in delivering what your mind, body and soul desire most.

Be sure to visit his multiple pages on this website including: 

Intuitive Sound Healer

 Reiki – Massage Therapist

Integrative Health Coach
What is your favorite thing about your career/company?
Having the ability to offer my clients a variety of healing modalities is what I favor most about my career. There is not one best solution to heal, so being able to treat/refer my clients to the best possible solution for them is what I value most.

What motivated you to start your company (a little history)
The motivational desire that led me to begin assisting others is the awareness of the difficulties that I faced during my own healing process. Although it seems as if everything heals according to time; I would have loved to have had a coach or someone to guide me as a reflection as to show me what I need. 

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Gaining control of my empathetic abilities has to be one of my proudest and personal accomplishments. Having the ability to wear someone else’s shoes in order to understand their situation, then being able to take them off without emotional recoil is now a struggle of the past. 

What is the best feature from your company?
I offer my clients an educational 6-month program allowing time for reflection and personal growth by creating goals and accountability to bring forth a beautiful transformation. 

What are your hobbies?
My hobbies consist of gardening, practicing meditations, cleaning, personal growth. 

What does it mean to live a good life?

To live a good life means having the ability to understand the current situation and smile through any discomfort that may have troubled you in the past.

What is the best way to train people to see the gradients in the world around them instead of just a simplistic “this is good, that is wrong” view of the world?

The very first sin is knowing right from wrong.  Having the ability to slow down our reaction time in judging a situation, a person or an item as a positive or negative attribute we allow time for further understanding of why this has come to be. With the awareness that not everything NEEDS to be good or bad, we are able to discover the healthier alternatives to life’s decisions. 

List two pet peeves.
Forgetting to breath during times of excitement or fear.

Allowing the heavier cycles to control my life. 

Can human nature be changed? Should it be changed?

It is difficult to believe that the tasks we set ourselves to do in order to sustain our living is anything close to what nature has intended for humans. Reflecting upon the current situation, we can hear protests for desperate change. There must be change in order to grow. 

Are there limits to human creativity?

I believe that there are actual limits in our desire to create. The human mind has proven itself a masterpiece giving the fact that it governs all of our dynamic processes. It is in fact, inspiration and motivation that allows us to transpire our wonderful creations. Without the desire to create, we in turn, limit our ability to create.